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Indian Economy: Crises or Conspiracy

From last 2-3 months we were getting very bad reports from the world of Indian Economy.
- Current Account Deficit Falling Rupee
- Breaking News: Rupee fallen
- Breaking News: 60rs per US$
- Breaking News: 61Rs per US$………62Rs……64Rs…….68Rs..and so on.

Indian share market was falling like a small kid, who is learning to walk, standing and walking 2-3 steps again falling.

Foreign investors started to take their investments back from Indian market, indirectly they looted Indian market.
Example: One ABC person invests 1$ in Indian market before 4 months , for that he was getting 1$=54Rs but after 4 months he is getting 1$=68Rs means total 14Rs profit (other than business). If he is investing 1lakh$ then he is getting directly 24lakh rupee profit for doing nothing, directly he is looting 24lakh rupee from Indian market. And they say “it’s a pure business” but I say “it’s a business of conspiracy” made by policy makers and managers, WTO and Indian traitors .

Fast fall of rupee is the resultant of fast rise in Current Account Deficit (CAD) in the balance of payment.

Normally we common people don’t take interest in these Numeric games because, they uses many uncommon words and normally many of us don’t know there meanings. So we neglect such reports & news. But friends it is very important, because “Those economic words are not connected to common life but there results are directly connected to common life”.

Now I will explain you in very simple words what is mean by Current Account Deficit (CAD)?
When a countries total import of goods, services and transfers is greater than countries total export of goods, services and transfer, it makes that country a net debtor to the rest of the world.

Economists call it as a global concept but I call it as a local concept.
From thousands of years ago solution to CAD is given & implemented locally in Indian culture. You may had experience, your father/grandfather/mother telling you, “Dear son/daughter don’t spend your whole salary, keep saving some part of it for your future”.

Today also in many Indian houses , when father gives money to mother for day to day spending like light bill, water bill, grocery bill etc. with 100% assurance I can write this lines, “She will save some part of that money & she will keep it in some Rava Dabba or in some holy books.”
Because she wants to run her house neatly, if sometimes father/son is thinking to spend (Import) more than earnings (Export) then surely she will strongly oppose to that plan.

Friends this is very common & simple solution given and implemented by Indian culture to solve Current Account Deficit (CAD) problem and this simple concept used in almost all Indian houses, why it is not getting to our foreign return policy makers & managers of government?
That is why I don’t call it as a economical crises , but I call it as a economical conspiracy.


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